Get a Girlfriend, Guaranteed!

Let’s face it, if you’re reading this right now, you’re no lady’s man. In fact, you properly freeze up at the very thought of even approaching a pretty girl and saying “hi”, am I right? Well, what if I told you there’s an easy, practical solution to your shyness, nervousness, awkwardness, and total lack of self confidence — would you be interested?

Of course you would, you’d be absolutely insane not to be! After all, when it’s all said and done, that’s all of us nervous, super shy, and self-confidence lacking guys really want, isn’t it? The ability to talk to girls without looking and feeling like a total fool!

Imagine being able to talk to girls without shaking uncontrollably; without looking like a toddler staring down at your feet; without fumbling with your speech like a stuttering idiot; and without making cringe worthy jokes that no girl would ever laugh at. Sounds pretty awesome, right? Well, guess what! You don’t have to just “imagine” that you have this ability — you can learn it.

That’s right, you can actually be TAUGHT this ability at home. How? By using the most powerful, the most in-depth, and the most shockingly honest “girlfriend getting” guide on the internet… G3.

What In The Hell Is G3?

G3 is an abbreviation for “Get a Girlfriend, Guaranteed” — A guide so well crafted that it has taken thousands of shy, nervous, & awkward guys (many of them virgins) and turned them into mega studs who can successfully talk to any girl without hesitation and without fear — no matter how insanely hot she might be.

Get a Girlfriend

This Is Definitely Fake, But You Get The Idea.

And here’s the real kicker… these thousands of guys who have had success with G3 ARE NOT pretty-boy models, super fit athletes, rock stars, or ultra rich bankers. Truth is, most of them aren’t even all that good looking!

They’re just plain, average, normal looking guys who aren’t rich, sophisticated, or even socially “gifted”. Their success lies not with their clothes, money, status, or looks, but with their attitudes, language, and full on confidence in approaching women — techniques that are not just glossed over in G3, but are fully and completely explained down to the very last detail.

In short, it takes your average guy — who is either frequently rejected or has an unimaginable fear of talking to girls — and it transforms him into something entirely different. A man who is not only unafraid of women, but actually excels in speaking with them and has very little trouble getting THEM to like HIM! It all sounds too good to be true, I know; but it’s 100% truth, as you will soon find out.

I’ve Heard Enough! Take Me to the G3 Website And Let Me Watch The Video!

How Easy Is G3? Can Anybody Use It?

This is where I am bound to lose a lot of readers, but I have to be honest. G3 is NOT a 1-day or 2-day system that you can breeze through without any effort. By that, I mean this isn’t some quick, 10-page guide that you’ll read and then start getting girls like a mega rock star within the next day or two. Sorry, that just ain’t gonna happen pal.

If you really think all your girl troubles will end with a 10-minute read, well, you’re living in a fantasy world and you need to wake up.

G3 isn’t about quick one liners and goofy pick up lines. It won’t turn you into the usual pick-up artist; the kind of guy that does great in the first 2 to 5 minutes of contact, but then has nothing else to say once his usual bag of tricks runs dry. It’s not about hit or miss tips and “moves”, it’s about proven techniques & methods that will allow you to dominate every aspect of “communicating with women”.

So, just what am I trying to say here? Well, it’s simple. G3 is unbelievably powerful, BUT only if you’re able, willing, and dedicated to absorbing the information and putting that information to use on a daily basis. If you’re not and you refuse to put in some effort & patience, well, then G3 is NOT for you. In fact, it won’t help you at all!

How Does the G3 Program Really Work?

That’s a particularly loaded question and will take a long time to answer fully. That said, I’ll keep the “details” of how G3 works as short and sweet as possible without boring you too much.

Essentially, the “Get a Girlfriend, Guaranteed” program is broken down into 12 steps, each focusing on a different habit or skill. As with any course, things start pretty simple at first then become more advanced and complex, gradually. Each step will be loaded with not only in-depth reading material, but also with audio & video instructions and real world examples.

A perfect example of this would be Step 3; Approaching Women and Starting Conversations. This section alone has over 20+ pages of information on what to do, how to do it, and best practices for easy success — I.E. how to approach, what to say, what reactions to expect, how to then react to those reactions, how to never run out of topics, etc.

On top of that, there’s also a 60 minute audio interview about the best ways of approaching women, along with dozens of clips of REAL GUYS approaching women in an assortment of different locations using these techniques. You’ll actually see what it’s like to approach a women through the eyes of other men.

The final portion of step 3 is the exercises. You’ll be tasked with completing a few very simple activities before moving on to the next step. An example of one such exercise is to walk up to a women — any woman — and just ask her the time, that’s it. You complete that one, you move onto the next exercise, which gets a little tougher as you go.

While you can indeed skip these exercises if you wish, it’s most differently not recommended. These exercise were added for a reason, skipping over them would be very foolish in my opinion.

All of this is just in ONE STEP! So, as I said before, this is no light weight guide — it’s hardcore stuff that’s going to take some time, effort, a little patience, and plenty of determination. But, if can stay with the course and complete it, you are GUARANTEED to have a girlfriend by the end. Hell, you’re guaranteed to have a couple of girlfriends if you play your cards right!

What Else Is In G3 That I Should Know?

I could go on and on about all the different things that G3 offers, but I won’t, It’d just take too long. Instead, here is a simple list of highlights for you to look at…

  • More than 300 pages of information, advice, and guidance on talking, meeting, and dating beautiful women. That’s enough info to fill not just 1 book but 2!
  • 5 exclusive interviews with dating experts covering everything you thought you knew about talking with women and dating them.
  • 12 must see videos, including many hidden camera examples of the concepts we teach you in action. You’ll see what works and why!
  • Over 80 separate exercises and unique challenges for you to try. These exercises will help you to actually have FUN while out searching for dates & beautiful women to talk to, guaranteed!
  • 11 awesome bonuses on advanced topics. Things like meeting women in dance clubs, relationship advice (not the usual crapola you’re use to either), and even threesomes. Yeah, you read that right.
  • A growing, helpful user community and member forum.
  • Free email coaching whenever you need it.
  • Regularly updated course material; when we learn something new that works, we pass it on to you immediately!
  • Much More! After all, bullet points can never tell the whole story…
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What Kind of Results Can I Expect, Is It Really Guaranteed?

To be completely honest, that depends entirely on you and your efforts. Most guys who use G3 start having significantly more success with women just 1/4 or 1/3 of the way through the program. However, if you don’t actually follow the program the way it’s outlined and you feel the need to skip things here and there because you’re lazy or “afraid” — then no, it won’t work. That I can promise you.

What Is G3 – Is It a Digital Guide or An Actual Book?

It’s actually a membership website, if you really want to define it. Once you sign up, you choose a username and password and you get access to all the materials; guides, videos, audio recordings, clips, exercises, forums, and the email coaching.

A Membership Site? How Much Does It Cost?

I’m not going to blow smoke up your rear and say you shouldn’t worry about the cost because G3 is so effective. Nor will I say that you should just “grab life by the horns” and “do it” because you’ll be swimming knee deep in gorgeous girls and will have zero regrets. That kind of talk is BS and we all know it, don’t we? Instead, I’ll just tell you like it is and you can decide if you want to go any further…

The cost of “Get a Girlfriend, Guaranteed” is $67, followed by $19.99 per month after the first 30 days of membership.

In my opinion, the $67 isn’t that bad of a price for all the information you get — because you really do get A LOT. However, what I am not fond of  is the $19.99 monthly fee that starts up after the first 30 days — this is something I could definitely do without.

I understand the need of the monthly pricing — because G3 is a pretty big community with lots of members, with active forums, excellent coaching, and regular updates — but I just don’t like monthly fees; I never have and never will.

Of course, I suppose you could just learn everything you need to in a month or two and then cancel when you’ve learned everything. It’s not like you have to stay a member for the rest of your life or anything.

One of my favorite things about G3 is that if you’re unhappy at any time, no matter the reason, there is a 100% money back guarantee. No questions asked, no reasons to give, no hoops to jump through, you get a refund, period!

This is a pretty big deal, for me at least, because most sites that try to sell these type of girlfriend getting guides don’t offer refunds or guarantees of any kind. Once you buy, your money is gone and you’re stuck with terrible info that you never should have bought in the first place.

Having said all that, if you follow the steps and do exactly what G3 tells you to do and you STILL DON’T have a girlfriend by the end of the course, then I implore you to request a refund immediately. Of course, due to the overwhelming power and success of G3, I’d say this is a pretty rare occurrence to say the least.

My Final Thoughts…

There are a lot of courses, guides and “how to” reports on how to get a girlfriend as well as how to charm a girl. Most of them are complete and utter crapola; all of them spewing the same nonsense as the last one and none of them saying or teaching anything we couldn’t find out for free with a quick google search. “Get a Girlfriend, Guaranteed” is different — its the only program which goes above and beyond my initial expectations.

G3 actually breaks down the “art of talking to & attracting women” into a science; something that can not only be repeated again & again, but mastered with a little practice and patience by ANYONE.

And no matter what your “problem” is when to comes to girls — be it shyness, nervousness, awkwardness, bad jokes, being too forward, always falling in the friend zone, fumbling with your speech, etc — G3 CAN and WILL help you to overcome it.

It’ truly the only program that will take you step-by-step and teach you everything you need to know about interacting with women from beginning to end — absolutely nothing is left to chance!

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What Other Guys Are Saying About G3…

You already know what I think of the program, let’s take a look at what other REAL users are saying about G3 and their success.

“I’m 5’5″, overweight, balding and Asian. But this is the best advice I’ve ever gotten. You’ve really reminded me what matters: overcoming my fears, action before thought, and being a man. I shouldn’t be afraid to be sexual anymore. I’ve gotten more with women in the last 10 days than the last four months before that.”“Hamburg,” Hamburg, Germany

“Wow. I’m just emailing to say what a transformation this program has been fore me. I used to be one of those guys you were talking about, I just kind of went through life and never thought I could have any control over the women I hooked up with or dated. I have to say, my life probably won’t ever be the same after this. I’m already getting more attention and dates than I ever thought possible, and I’m not even to the end of the program (but I’m almost there). This has actually been FUN too. At first I thought it was going to be a chore, but going out and trying all of this stuff has been an eye-opener and exciting.”Brad, Philadelphia, USA

“Hey Mark. I never mentioned this in my previous emails, but I wanted to let you know. When I joined your program, it had been years since I had been with a woman. A few years back, I got very caught up in starting my business, and I don’t know what happened, but I was never able to get back on my feet. That changed last night though. I wanted you to know that you helped me end a three-year dry spell. And it feels f%^king great. Thank you.”Tom, Jacksonville, USA

“The simplicity of the model, your stress on what’s important and unimportant, or sometimes just plain common sense, is what makes your material uniquely outstanding. Plus the mere fact that you take the time to break everything down step-by-step for guys like me makes this the most useful tool I’ve found yet on improving with women.” - Eric, Southampton, UK

“At 29 years old, I lost my virginity six weeks after working with you. That’s all I have to say.” - “Slingshot,” Boston, USA

 Alright, I’m Convinced. G3 Is Guaranteed To Me Get a Girlfriend! How Do I Sign Up?



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