How to Charm a Girl – My 5 Tips That Never Fail!

It’s interesting that lots of guys find it so hard to make a woman attracted to them, even though it can be done easily if you know the right moves, say the right things, and project confidence. And while there’s no definitive rulebook about dating girls and charming them, there are surely tons of useful tips that can help you out. In fact, 5 of my all time favorite tips for how to charm a woman have been listed below. If they can’t help you to get a girlfriend, well, then you’re in more trouble than you think!

1. Don’t Be Dull, Be Interesting.

Many women are naturally drawn to “interesting” guys with appealing, and outgoing personalities. Even if you’re not good looking, you can be very interesting to a woman if you socialize with lots of people and show you’re a fun guy to be around. Do you have to get everybody’s attention and put on a show? No. But you can’t be sulking in a corner or “keeping to yourself” if you want to impress.

2. Don’t Be Predictable, Compliment On Things Other Than Her Beauty.

If you really like her, then you surely admire a lot of things about her, right? Well, let her know these things — but don’t be predictable about it. Tell her that the new haircut looks nice on her, that you really admire her skills in playing tennis, that you like the style of her dress, the look of her earrings, etc. That are dozens of things you can make a compliment about — whether you know the person or it’s a first time date — just think a little bit and avoid the typical compliments.

Think about it… If she’s really pretty, or even a total bombshell, she more than likely hears men compliment her beauty A LOT. That said, tell her something she hasn’t heard before; something besides “wow, you look hott!”. Be creative with your compliments and they’ll be all the more effective.

3. Don’t Be A Talker, Be A Listener.

Guys focus on a lot of things when trying to charm a woman, but they sometimes forget how essential it is just to be a good listener and really absorb and comment on what it is she is saying. Listening is one thing, listening and responding thoughtfully, now that is something else entirely!

The worst thing you can do is “fake listen”. Faking it with “yeahs, and uh-huhs” will set you up for failure every time. No one likes to have a discussion with someone like they’re a Jehovah’s Witness.

4. Don’t Be a Smelly, Disheveled Bum. Look Nice, Smell Even Nicer.

A guy’s smell is one of the most formidable weapons he has when it comes to how to charm a girl effectively. A pleasing scent can take you a long way; combined with a pleasing appearance, longer still. It’s a bit obvious tip, yes, but one that must not be forgotten. You’d be surprised at home many men think they can get by with a quick spray of deodorant and a  sloppy t-shirt and jeans. Some guys can pull that off, but not many. Put in a little effort!

5. Don’t Be So Shy, Flirt With Her Every Chance You Get.

Make it clear that you’re attracted to her as soon as you can. Flirt at the right moment during your conversations. Don’t act like “a best buddy” or one of her girlfriends that’s “there for her” — that’s a fast track to the friend zone, a place that is hard to get out of.

Observe her reactions, whether she’s showing you any signs that she’s also interested in you. Let loose, have fun, make her laugh, laugh at her jokes too (even if they aren’t funny!), and just try not to be so tight and wound up.

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