How to Get a Girlfriend – 5 Awesome Tips For Success

Puzzled about how to get a girlfriend? Some men just have the natural charm and good looks that easily attracts women, but even if you’re not endowed with such “attributes”, you can still win women over by following these 5 simple, but amazingly powerful tips.

• Always Be Presentable: Improved Hygiene, Stylish Clothes, Toned Muscles.

Your external appearance is an important factor — many will say the MOST important — when it comes to how to get a girlfriend. You can’t possibly get a girlfriend if you look and smell like you haven’t showered for weeks.

Always try to look neat and clean and well groomed, and don’t be afraid to splash on some cologne every now and again. If you have the time for it, why not go to the gym and develop some muscles? You don’t have to do the “spartan” workout every day, but an improved physique will only help your chances of getting a girlfriend.

Your outer appearance as well as the way you dress and maintain yourself says a lot about you. And while you don’t have to spend hours and hours perfecting your “outer appearance”, it doesn’t hurt to spend a little time maximizing what you’ve got.

• Display the Right Attitude.

You’re tired of hearing it and I’m tired of saying it, but confidence is STILL key. Think, feel and act confident in everything you do. Women much more easily get attracted to men with confidence and charm. Start by setting a positive, optimistic mindset. Tell your brain that you’re a confident person and you’ve got what it takes to charm women. If a woman rejects you — eh, who cares? — it’s her loss, not yours!

If you have poor self-esteem, you’ll most likely fail to have a conversation with, let alone approach, the girl that you like. There are lots of women roaming the globe so if you fail on your first attempt, don’t get too down on yourself. Move on to the next one and learn from your experience. Winners learn from their failures, losers just sulk and whine about them.

• Change Your Social Life For The Better.

Take a moment to examine your life right now. Are you some kind of loner without many friends or hobbies? Do you only leave your home to stock up on food and drink and the latest games? Well, then it’s about time that you go out there, meet people and re-shape your life.

Don’t be stuck in a bleak, boring lifestyle with involves eating KFC and playing video games all day. Make an effort to become an interesting person and live an interesting life — I.E. just do more! You don’t have to become a sky diver to be interesting or become a shark diver to be exciting — just put down the bucket of chicken and game controller and get out there and interact with REAL PEOPLE.

“Loners” and “Lone Wolfs” can indeed get girlfriends if they put in the effort, but that’s not the point. The point is, when you widen your social circle, you’ll meet more women and increase your chances of getting not just any girlfriend possible, but a girlfriend that you actually enjoy being around.

• Be a Good Conversationalist.

Making a good impression with your first conversation is the key. Ask the right questions and open the right topics. Find out what she likes and which things you have in common without being too assertive or opinionated. Don’t act like you’re trying too hard to please her either. In short, just listen, hear, and respond. Just because you listen, don’t mean you “hear”. Showing women you hear them and can respond with answers other than “yeah”, “sure”, “go on”, “is that right”, “really”, and “uh, huh” will put you ahead of the game.

• Don’t Open With Predictable Comments, Save Those For Later.

One effective way to make girls like you is to compliment them in a sincere, honest way. So, just what should you say when you talk to her? Anything that you notice: her outgoing-honest-passionate-deep-lighthearted-etc personality, her manicure, her jewelry, her new haircut, her skills in playing ping pong, her skill at darts, etc.

If she’s a real looker, then she may have already heard lots of guys tell her — ON A DAILY BASIS — that she’s super hott and really, really beautiful. With that said, don’t jump on the bandwagon. Instead, follow the advice above and compliment on ANYTHING but her extreme prettiness — save that one for later.

Well, you now know the best tips for how to get a girlfriend. Will this info bag you a great girlfriend by tomorrow night? I doubt it, but with a little luck and some determination, you could have some success within the next week or two.

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